My Fitness Buddy ™ is an Android and iOS app that gives you a fully automated exercise, nutrition and weight management programme set to the standard of a fully qualified personal trainer and dietitian.

Answer a short survey about your current health and fitness goals and My Fitness Buddy can tell you what exercises to do, provide you a multiple healthy food choices, take data from your smart wearable technology (heart rate, weight, distance etc) and even let you know when you should top up on water.

The My Fitness Buddy app even adapts your exercise and diet automatically each time you reach your goals, helping you to stay motivated and challenged.

With the My Fitness Buddy app you can:

  • Receive a custom exercise plan
  • Get guidance on meals and portion sizes
  • Connect your existing smart devices
  • Track and monitor your water intake
  • Alert your personal trainer when you need extra encouragement

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