What is an Ideal Body Shape for Men?

Use the My Fitness Buddy calculator below to determine your ideal body shape or View Female Measurements instead.

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Select your height below, either in imperial units (feet and inches) or in metric (enter your height in cm), to calculate your ideal body shape.

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How to Measure

Stand with your heels, behind, shoulders and head touching the wall. In order to keep accurate and comparable measurements you must keep the tape level and stand in the same position each time you take them.

Shoulder circumference

Take the shoulder measurement at the widest part of your shoulders, making sure the tape is level.

Waist Circumference

Take the waist measurement at the narrowest point just below your ribs and across the bellybutton.
Don’t suck in your stomach or don’t push it out either, breath in and out a few times and relax.

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